Almay Best Blend Forever Makeup

Wowza. First off, let me preface this by saying I really am someone who is a bit skeptical


Close-up of Best Blend Forever

of new products, and personally I had never used an Almay foundation product. However, I am so happy I gave it a try.

Close Up

Best Blend Forever Makeup close-up of product

This is an awesome foundation for on-the-go people who need quick and easy coverage that looks very natural. In fact, I usually start my day at 5am so to be able to finish my face with just a few swipes and buffing is amazing! Because it is a dewey-natural finish

I throw it in my makeup bag and head out the door to travel. Around half way through the day I did have to do a touch up but again I have fairly oily skin so this isn’t new to me. I will say that having a removable applicator is what really sold me. So long as you aren’t a complete novice in using tools I really couldn’t see anyone having difficulty using this product.

Removed Cap

Almay Best Blend Foundation without sponge applicator

In fact, I have dubbed this my “summer foundation” since it has an SPF 40, is light weight enough to not feel “cakey”, and lastly it gives me a healthy glow! A round of claps for Almay I personally really think they did a great job developing this foundation. I am however a little hurt its $12.99 at most retailers but lets be real here

having trouble with is the color range. From my understanding there are only about 12-15 colors and they are a bit harsh in terms of “pink” and “gold” undertones so if you can swatch the colors I highly suggest attempting to do so! I know once you find a color you like you will enjoy using this foundation!

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ApotheCARE Essentials Hair + Body Products

I recently tried the ApotheCARE Essentials Booster Dry Shampoo, Restorer In-Shower Oil, & Rejuvenator Face And Body Bar and I absolutely loved them. Not only did they smell great, but they left my skin, hair and body feelings healthy, smooth.

The Restorer In-Shower Oil                                                                                                       *****

720798I am the type of person who uses oil based product after a shower to lock in moisture. This is the only product that truly moisturized without leaving a tacky or greasy feeling.

It delicately cleanses your skin while infusing your skin with essential nutrients & envelopes skin in a lightweight oil that hydrates and softens the skin. The Rosehip oil, geranium, and aloe vera make it ideal for dry skin.

The Rejuvenator Face And Body Bar                                                                                         *****

19525702__1518542555__1518542557_zoom.jpgI love the gentleness of this face + body bar. It contains coconut milk white jasmine vitamin b3 which I personally love the combination of these two scents together.

This soap is amazing on my dull skin, it is an ultra mild formula that removes impurities while ensuring gentle cleansing of the skin. Since beginning to use this face + body bar I can tell my skin is renewed and revived after every wash.


The Booster Dry Shampoo                                                                                                         *****

The_Booster_Dry_Shampoo.jpg.750x750_q85ss0_progressiveI can’t say enough good things about this Dry Shampoo!!! I’m already half through the bottle because I loveeee it. I have very thin hair so I need a dry shampoo that’s light and doesn’t leave residue and I have found it!

Main ingredients are argan oil, vitamin e, & wheat which instantly refreshens and absorbs unnecessary impurities to recharge volume at the roots while extending a soft, conditioned feel.